Ever wondered how it would be like to have works of art created by the finest artists in the world in your home? Even works that are in the museums, or works you could never afford to buy in your lifetime.

Now you can. With iMuseo, you can change the way your home looks simply and affordably.

At iMuseo, we created a way that can turn your flatscreen television in your home into a canvas for art. Partnering with over a hundred museums and galleries all over the globe, and with art online services such as the Google Art Project and Artsy, hundreds of thousands of art are now accessible within your fingertips.

Working with hundreds of curators and art experts, we have created thousands of galleries so you can find what you like quickly and easily. By studying and collecting hundreds of details on individual works, we have created our very own art genome project that will allow you to build your own collection that rivals any museum catalog.

We hope you enjoy the experience!