Updates on Website

The website protoype is now mostly complete. I can add more pages later if I want to. But for the purpose of submission by the deadline, this will suffice.

  • So far, new additions to the website include:
  • A recommendations page called “Discover More Art”
  • Almost 30 new galleries to support the “Discover More Art” page
  • “About” page added

I am now working on the Phone App design and that should be completed by Wednesday or Thursday. The I will complete the paper.


Website Mockups

With the new wireframes in place, I have mocked-up some pages of the website. Although I would have preferred to be able to style this website ore distinctly unique, I had to base it off of a WordPress theme I will be modifying to create the prototype.

I have decided to purchase Jupiter theme because it is a very popular theme with many templates to choose from. It is not only flexible and extensive in styling opportunities, but is also fast and reliable (based on reviews). I have opted to go with a simple design with a focus on a mobile-first approach. So I have kept the menu simple so all viewports will be the same (just the one minimized “hamburger menu”).

Here are the mockups:






Sign In


Sign Up


My Galleries (after login, this is the main landing page of member’s list of selected galleries)


Now Showing (this is the template for a gallery where artworks are in a slideshow and description is provided)


New Website Wireframes

After much research on other streaming websites (especially music sites such as Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, etc.), I have decided to ditch the previous wireframes and redesign the website completely. I realized that it is important, from a user’s perspective, that a simple, quick and easy to setup website is key to attracting signups.

So here are the new wireframes to support my new direction:




The website structure is heavily influenced by Pandora. For the public facing website, note that there is an ecommerce shop selling original artworks by contemporary artists (if available) and a custom frames shop so consumers can “dress-up” their TV if they intend hang a digital canvas at home.

The log in and members area are pretty simple to ensure ease of use by consumers.

Revised Logo Design

After discussion with Amy, I have revised the logotype: simplification. Although this has resulted in improved legibility, I can’t help but feel it has lost my original intention of “art and design” representation based on the shapes added to the letters “U” and “O”. I will have to think through this. My next focus is on completing the wireframing of the website and phone/tablet app.


Branding Guide, Advertisements and Applications

Here’s the fun stuff…

I’ve been working on the branding of this project and this presentation includes:

  • logo
  • typography
  • color palette
  • applications such as signage, advertisements (print and banner), and swag like T-shirts

I like the contemporary and sleek feel to the whole branding concept. It’s fun, clean but approachable. This makes art accessible!

Oh and you can download the branding PDF here:


Extending the Scope of Service

So while working on the branding and wireframing of this project, I decided that I would broaden the scope of the service. Although I initially only wanted to focus on contemporary art and artists, I decided to include all art as long as partnerships are established with image rights owners.

Two possible partners who will create “feeds” for this platform are:

They have a well established genome created for a large collection of art in public and private collection.

iMuseo: Logo Development

This is a further development of the selected logo. I’ve decided to embellish it further by creating more shapes out of the letters. I’ve decided to add a line on top of the letter “U” to make it into a basic geometric shape. Also, by adding in a square in the letter “O”, it creates a dynamic flow of shapes and lines, shadow and light.

Also, I forgot to add that the logo was derived from the font Anders designed by Tom Anders Watkins. For the tagline, I’ve used Roboto Slab, a free font from Google designed by Christian Robertson.


Logo Ideas

Here are some logo ideas developed from iMuseo brand name. In terms of style and form, the first and third logos work best. But I will be going with the third option because it looks contemporary and has elements of art and design with the additional strokes in “M” and “E”.


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