Website Mockups

With the new wireframes in place, I have mocked-up some pages of the website. Although I would have preferred to be able to style this website ore distinctly unique, I had to base it off of a WordPress theme I will be modifying to create the prototype.

I have decided to purchase Jupiter theme because it is a very popular theme with many templates to choose from. It is not only flexible and extensive in styling opportunities, but is also fast and reliable (based on reviews). I have opted to go with a simple design with a focus on a mobile-first approach. So I have kept the menu simple so all viewports will be the same (just the one minimized “hamburger menu”).

Here are the mockups:






Sign In


Sign Up


My Galleries (after login, this is the main landing page of member’s list of selected galleries)


Now Showing (this is the template for a gallery where artworks are in a slideshow and description is provided)


New Website Wireframes

After much research on other streaming websites (especially music sites such as Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, etc.), I have decided to ditch the previous wireframes and redesign the website completely. I realized that it is important, from a user’s perspective, that a simple, quick and easy to setup website is key to attracting signups.

So here are the new wireframes to support my new direction: